Waxing In Colorado Springs

Are you searching for affordable waxing in the Colorado Springs area? The Waxing Bee provides a wide range of waxing services in their salon at very affordable prices you're sure to appreciate. Being affordable by no means indicates a willingness to cut corners; in fact there is a strict no double-dipping policy in effect at The Waxing Bee.

No double-dipping ensures your health and safety when it comes to having a waxing session, since all of the waxing strips are thrown out after a single use. While other local salons try to save money by repeatedly dipping waxing sticks into wax containers after they have been applied to their clients, The Waxing Bee does not consider this an acceptable practice.

You'll love the variety of services offered at The Waxing Bee, including their very popular Brazilian and Bikini waxes. If you're not quite certain as to the difference between the two, you can remember them more easily by noting that a Bikini Wax is simply the removal of unwanted hair at the bikini line. A Brazilian Wax is a more thorough service that removes all hair below the belly button, all the way to the back side and in between.

If you're opting for a Brazilian Wax, consider that physicians recommend to leave a small triangle or ‘landing strip' area of hair for hygienic purposes, since the complete removal of hair eliminates the body's own natural ability to filter bacteria and germs.

As a full service waxing salon in Colorado Springs, The Waxing Bee also offers a range of services besides the Brazilian and Bikini wax, including full and half leg waxing, full and half arm waxing, a variety of facial waxing services and gender-exclusive services for men. As a client at The Waxing Bee, you'll quickly discover why so many locals have chosen to make it their home salon. Professional estheticians and great prices make The Waxing Bee an attractive choice.

If you're weighing out your options in hair removal and are wondering about the pros and cons involved with waxing over shaving, the fact is, there is little on the side of shaving to make it seem the more advantageous choice. Shaving leaves a stubble effect that most women find unacceptable, especially in areas such as the face, the bikini line and the underarm region.

The main benefit of waxing is that it eliminates the need for daily shaving, since waxing removes hair at the root level- so hair won't grow back in for 4-6 weeks on average. For sensitive areas, like the bikini line, this can prove to be a huge advantage. Imagine not having to shave your bikini area every day or every other day throughout the long, hot summer!

Find out more about waxing in Colorado Springs by visiting, or call 719-424-7293 with any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment at The Waxing Bee to discover the benefits of waxing- we're pretty sure you'll never go back to shaving again.
Waxing In Colorado Springs
The Waxing Bee
Waxing In Colorado Springs
3952 North Academy Blvd. Suite E
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Waxing In Colorado Springs

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