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Brazilian Wax

All of the hair is removed from below the belly button all the way to the back side and in between. You may request to leave a landing strip or triangle if you like.

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Bikini Wax

The Bikini Wax will remove everything showing outside of a bathing suite or underwear. If you’re new to waxing this is a great way to dip your toes in the water. It’s a must for a beach vacation!

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Eyebrow Wax

Our licensed estheticians can consult with you about the shape that you would like to achieve, then wax, tweeze and trim your eyebrows. We carry our own line of Eyebrow Powders in all skin tones.

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Leg Wax

Waxing your legs can be tricky and sticky. Leave this time consuming hassle and clean up for the professionals. After waxing your legs every 4-6 weeks the growth will start to diminish over time.

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The Waxing Bee

A locally owned, top rated waxing salon that specializes in the female Brazilian Bikini Wax. Whether you’d like a full body wax to dermaplane facials our licensed estheticians are committed to providing the best waxing and skincare techniques around. We carry the highest quality soft cream wax made with essential oils for sensitive skin. It’s specifically designed for Brazilian Bikini Waxing and enables us to get your wax done more thoroughly and efficiently.

After each wax your hair will grow back softer, thinner and more sparse, making each appointment even better. Exfoliating before/after your wax will help prevent ingrown hairs and help give you an even better result. We recommend coming in every 4-6 weeks without shaving in between.


No Double Dipping Policy

Double dipping is a common practice in unethical salons. To cut costs they dip used sticks repeatedly. This contaminates the entire wax container! Not at The Waxing Bee! Our sticks are dipped once into sterile wax, applied to the client once and then immediately discarded to protect you from harmful bacteria and diseases. During a single wax session, we may go through as many as 20 wax sticks. We are proud to say “WE NEVER DOUBLE DIP.”


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Buy 9 Brazillian/Bikini Waxes and get your 10th one FREE!

Loyalty Program

We value everyones business and love to give back to our loyal customers. So we have put a program together and if you buy 9 Brazilians/Bikini Waxes you receive the 10th one totally FREE! We appreciate your business and thank you.