Full Body Wax Colorado Springs

Are you searching for a salon that can perform a full body wax in the Colorado Springs area? The Waxing Bee offers waxing services at about half the cost other locals salons charge, with professional application for optimum comfort during waxing.

The Waxing Bee offers all of the services you're looking for, including a full Brazilian Wax at the incredible price of just $45. You can opt for a numbing gel for only $5 more. Experts at The Waxing Bee perform Bikini Wax, full and half legs waxing, eyebrow, lip, chin, nose and facial waxing, full and half arms waxing and services that are gender-exclusive for men, including back, chest and stomach waxing.

Mix and match the services you want and get a full body wax from Colorado Springs' most experienced and skilled wax applicants. If you've never experienced a full body wax, make an appointment today at The Waxing Bee and discover why so many locals return to The Waxing Bee for their beauty regimen.

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for waxing over shaving. If you haven't yet discovered the benefits, consider the following:

- Shaving is a virtually fruitless effort that requires continuous maintenance to achieve less-than-perfect results. Having to return to the scene of the crime day after day, hoping to get the flawless, beautiful skin you want is a waste of time. Waxing provides up to 6 weeks of maintenance-free, smooth and silky skin.

- Shaving leaves skin prone to irritation, even under the best of circumstances. Daily shaving causes redness, itchiness, bumps and rashes- and that's when the razor doesn't slip! In comparison, waxing leaves your skin looking and feeling it's best.

- Hair that has been pulled out by the root will grow back much finer and softer. Rather than contend with razor stubble that is anything but sexy, a full body wax from Colorado Springs' pros will ensure that any hair growing back will come in looking less intrusive.

- With a full body wax, you're going to save hours and hours of time over the span of 6 weeks. Add up all of the time you save, twisting and bending at odd angles in the bathtub with razor in hand and you'll find there are much better ways to spend that time.

- If you have sensitive skin, waxing is the only way to go. Eliminate the painful effects of razor burn by enjoying a full body wax with no nicks, cuts or abrasions.

- Waxing is a terrific exfoliant for the skin, ensuring a smoother and sexier look and feel.

The Waxing Bee provides the popular services their clients are looking for, including:

- Brazilian Wax
- Bikini Wax
- Facial Waxing
- Eyebrows
- Underarm
- Legs
- Arms
- Men's exclusive waxing services
- Eyebrow and eye lash tinting
- And much more

The Waxing Bee will soon be offering Dermaplaning, Facials and Eye Lash Extensions. Schedule your full body wax at Colorado Springs' The Waxing Bee by calling 719-424-7293 and leave looking and feeling sensational! Full Body Wax Colorado Springs
The Waxing Bee
Full Body Wax Colorado Springs
3952 North Academy Blvd. Suite E
Colorado Springs CO 80917 US

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Full Body Wax Colorado Springs

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