Brazilian Waxing Colorado Springs

The Waxing Bee performs professional Brazilian Waxing in their Colorado Springs location, offering top-end services at affordable prices. Make an appointment today to come in and have a 15-minute or less Brazilian Wax that will leave you looking your absolute best this summer.

With a Brazilian Wax, all of the hair is removed from below the belly button, complete to the back side and in between. Upon request, an area of hair may be left, including a triangle or a small area that is often referred to as a landing strip. After your Brazilian Waxing in Colorado Springs, your hair will grow back softer, thinner and sparser, so that in effect, every subsequent visit will provide better results.

Women who opt or a Brazilian Wax enjoy all of the benefits of waxing in a way that maximizes the smooth and beautiful results that only comes with this method of hair removal. Shaving simply cannot provide the same level of convenience. Consider the numerous reasons why so many women come to The Waxing Bee for Brazilian Waxing in the Colorado Springs facility:

- Since waxing pulls the hair from the roots, the effects are much longer-lasting than from shaving, which actually just ‘mows' down the hair at the surface level. With shaving, stubble can be felt in as little as 24 hours and seen within the first 2 days, on average.

- Scarring from shaving is common, making the legs appear less than beautiful. If you want a smooth and flawless look, you'll achieve it with a Brazilian Wax.

- Even skin that is not prone to sensitivity tends to be susceptible to bumps and rashes when anything less than ideal conditions for shaving are present. Trying a new shaving cream or gel can often come with disastrous results, causing skin that appears irritated and red.

- Waxing produces the ideal results for intimate encounters. Stubble is not sexy- women who want a smooth feel can achieve it for weeks at a time without worrying that stubble will stop their mate in their tracks.

- Professional Brazilian Waxing in Colorado Springs' The Waxing Bee is a comfortable experience, performed by experts who know how to provide quality waxing with virtually pain-free results- something you won't find in other local salons.

- For the fastest, most convenient option to maintaining a beautiful, smooth and flawless look, a Brazilian Wax is the only way to go. We all know that time is money- and you'll save both when you opt for waxing over shaving.

Schedule your appointment at The Waxing Bee today by calling 719-424-7293 and setting up your 15-minute Brazilian Waxing. Colorado Springs locals love The Waxing Bee for the popular, affordable services they provide, including quality waxing services, eyebrow and eye lash tinting, and coming soon: Dermaplaning, facials, and eye lash extensions.

Enjoy professional waxing at reasonable prices- trust The Waxing Bee to take exceptional care of your skin while providing you with the hair-free look and feel you want. Brazilian Waxing Colorado Springs
The Waxing Bee
Brazilian Waxing Colorado Springs
3952 North Academy Blvd. Suite E
Colorado Springs CO 80917 US

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Brazilian Waxing Colorado Springs

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