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Are you looking for a new salon for beauty services? The Waxing Bee provides the best bikini wax in Colorado Springs- also among the most affordable. At just $25, The Waxing Bee's bikini wax is much less costly than most other salons in the city.

A bikini wax is the perfect solution for swimsuit season. A professional bikini wax will efficiently and comfortably remove unwanted hair from the bikini line leaving you looking and feeling oh-so-soft and smooth. The greatest benefit of getting a bikini wax is that removing hair by waxing eliminates the possibility of dealing with itchy stubble that grows back almost immediately.

Waxing removes hair at the root level, leaving smooth, hair-free skin for up to 6 weeks. That's a huge advantage over daily shaving in a delicate area that is almost always sensitive to razor burn. If you've ever given yourself a bikini shave and experienced results that were anything but attractive, you know the disadvantage that comes from shaving the bikini area. Red bumps, welts and burn areas often will not heal, since as soon as they begin to clear up, it's time for another session with the razor.

Discover the numerous benefits of a bikini wax from The Waxing Bee in Colorado Springs:

- Unlike a full Brazilian wax, a bikini wax only removes the hair along the bikini line, making it very affordable to maintain.

- Hair takes a lot longer to grow in- typically 4-6 weeks, meaning the sensitive bikini area will only be exposed to the effects of waxing 2 or 3 times during the entire swimsuit season. Many women like the results to the extent that they continue with their bikini wax regimen throughout the entire year.

- Hair that grows in after waxing is softer and finer, so there is no prickly stubble to cause itching or irritation. Should you notice soft, tiny hairs making an appearance, simply schedule a session for a bikini wax at The Waxing Bee in Colorado Springs.

- A bikini wax is much less invasive as compared with a Brazilian wax. For this reason, many women opt for the bikini wax since it can be performed without the need to remove all of their clothing. Positioning is much less intrusive as well, making it less of an embarrassment.

- A quick bikini wax at The Waxing Bee will make you bikini-ready in minutes with long-lasting results. You simply cannot get the same result with shaving.

- Physicians recommend avoiding the complete removal of hair, even in the case of Brazilian wax, and advise women to opt to leave a small triangle of hair intact for hygienic purposes. The Bikini wax offers a comprehensive compromise.

For a professional and affordable bikini wax in the Colorado Springs area, consider stopping by The Waxing Bee for a session. See their complete list of services available on, or walk-in when you're in the neighborhood. The Waxing Bee is located on North Academy Blvd in CO Springs. Bikini Wax Colorado Springs
The Waxing Bee
Bikini Wax Colorado Springs
3952 North Academy Blvd. Suite E
Colorado Springs CO 80917 US

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Bikini Wax Colorado Springs

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