TCA Peel Fort Myers

TCA Peel Fort Myers


Chemical peels such as TCA peels exfoliate your skin using nontoxic acid ingredients of different strengths and combinations. TCA peels treat skin scarring, discoloration, and wrinkles. They contain trichloroacetic acid used in clearing dead cells to reveal a new and smooth skin layer.

Preparation for TCA peel

You may need to switch your skincare regime before your TCA peel. This is because your provider will require you to prime the skin some weeks before a TCA peel. You will need to use retinoic acid and sunscreen to prime the skin.

Experts recommend applying sunscreen for at least four weeks before performing any chemical peel.

Facial Chemical peel in Fort Myers 

The treatment itself will take up to 30 min. Your Fort Myers FL TCA peel dermatologist will require you to lie down as they apply the TCA solution to your skin.

The first step in TCA pigment peel in Fort Myers for facial treatment is decreasing. Your provider will use acetone that smells more of nail polish remover. It may feel cold and weird. Decreasing is essential because it allows your skin to interface with the peel solution effectively.

Next, your provider will apply a protectant to cover the corners of your lips, nose, and eyes. This is because these areas tend to dip naturally, thus risks accumulating peel solution in them. A thick ointment is used to protect them.

Your provider will now use a gauze pad or a cotton tip applicator to apply the actual peel on your face.

You may feel a burning sensation for some minutes, followed by a stinging pain as the peel solution exfoliates your skin, clearing away the top layer. Often, some areas may respond vigorously than others. A fan can mitigate the discomfort in case of a superficial peel. You can also ingest or inhale analgesics before a medium and in-depth chemical peel.

Your skin reaction and the desired depth of the chemical peel will determine the number of layers your provider will apply. Your provider will now observe for the expected results.

Once the result is achieved, the skin is cooled using cold water. Then a thin balm is applied at the end of the procedure.

The procedure requires a single session. However, if you have to achieve a specific result, you may require multiple sessions. It is advisable to wait for several in between chemical peels to allow the skin to heal.


You need to cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser and use bland ointment or moisturizers. In addition, protection from the sun is essential.

The skin will peel for four to 10 days, depending on the depth of the peel. Do not pick the skin to speed up the peeling process. Picking the skin increases the chance of poor healing, infection, and dark spots. Once the skin heals, you can resume the regular skincare.  

How to find Chemical peel specialists

Schedule an appointment with a doctor who performs chemical peels. Your doctor will discuss with you what to expect, the risk factors, and the side effects.

Please contact Brazilian Silhouette at 239-344-9006 to request an appointment or make an inquiry.


TCA Peel Fort Myers

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TCA Peel Fort Myers

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