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Prp Equipment

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Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is one of the most popular aesthetic therapies both as an anti-aging method, and also to nourish and revitalize the skin. Even though there are new techniques such as the use of the exosome regenerative complex, PRP remains popular because of the excellent results obtained by patients.

One of the critical processes of this method is the centrifugation of the blood. This allows the separation of the blood to extract the PRP that will be reinserted into the patient. If you apply this methodology in your practice, a centrifuge is a must in your PRP equipment.

At Medical Purchasing Resource we have for you two of the best PRP centrifuges and PRP kits on the market: the RegenLab Centrifuge Horizon-Flex-FA - 10ml & 20ml Tubes, and the Centrifuge 642VFD-PLUS - 10ml Tubes Only. You must get to know them better so that you know which alternative fits your needs.


In the case of the 642VFD-PLUS, you can fit up to 6 10 ml tubes. The maximum dimensions of these tubes can be up to 17mm x 100 mm. In the case of the Horizon-Flex-FA, you can use both 10 ml and 20 ml tubes, and the maximum dimensions of the tubes are 75mm x 125 mm, with a maximum of 6 units.


In the case of the Horizon-Flex-FA, you can reach a maximum RCF of 1850xg, and it will spin up to 3900 RPM. Regarding the 642VFD-PLUS, it will give you a maximum of 3800 RPM, and no more than 2000 RCF.


The 642VFD-PLUS centrifuge has 2 operation options. You can use one of its 2 preset kits, or opt for a timer that you can program for between 1-30 min. The Horizon-Flex-FA is more versatile, as it has a digital timer with 10 programmable settings, in addition to its default presets.

Performance Indicators

The 642VFD-PLUS has no device or alarm to indicate the operating status of the centrifuge. Instead, the Horizon-Flex-FA features one of the most prominent indication systems in the industry. It has a set of LED lights scattered throughout the device, which will indicate three operating statuses: ready, running, and done. Also, it has a convenient digital display that will tell you the remaining time of a spin cycle.


Both units are backed by the manufacturer, and come with a 2-year warranty. However, the Horizon-Flex-FA rotor warranty is for life.


The 642VFD-PLUS centrifuge has no major safety features. Instead, the Horizon-Flex-FA has a convenient shatterproof lid. This device cannot be opened until the rotor stops, even if the centrifuge runs out of power.

Which Option is Best for Your Practice?

The choice between Horizon-Flex-FA or 642VFD-PLUS centrifuges will depend largely on your practice. You should look at specific aspects, such as the volume of work the device will have. Also, consider pricing, and along with the features, choose the best price/value option that fits your needs.

Count on the Experts

If you want to choose between these two excellent centrifuges, or need other products from well-known brands like Benev, you're in the right place. At Medical Purchasing Resource we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction with our products and services. We are ready to become your trusted PRP equipment & PRP kit supplier, at the most competitive prices in the market. Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about our products and services.

Prp Equipment
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