Pet Clinic Midlothian

Pet Clinic Midlothian

Keep your pet happy & healthy by visiting A.H. of Ovilla when you need to visit a pet clinic in Midlothian. We treat pets like they're part of our family, providing quality care at an affordable cost. Shop My VetStore online for pet treats, toys, prescription medicines, food, and many other pet products or order Purina food through our website from VetDirect. We make it easy for pet owners to access the products their pets need and they loving care required to ensure a long, happy life for your pet.

4 Reasons to Choose Our Pet Clinic in Midlothian

1. Animal Hospital of Ovilla is not just a pet hospital, however, we do provide surgery and emergency animal services after an accident or during an illness. Click the ‘Services' link on our home page and you'll see what we offer to pet owners in our community. From wellness visits and vaccinations to diagnostics, surgery, and modern treatments, we're able to meet your pet's needs in a unique way. Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment or request an emergency visit.

2. Our veterinarians are experience in the care of exotic pets, including reptiles, birds, chickens & ducks, hamsters, mice, small rodents, and, of course, dogs and cats of all sizes. If you own an exotic pet and are worried about their health or nutritional needs, book a visit to our pet clinic in Midlothian for expert pet advice.

3. If your pet is living with pain, we offer cold laser therapy that stimulates damaged cells and reduces inflammation. Laser therapy has been proven effective for treating chronic and acute pain in pets. Following all of our clinic's spay and neuter surgeries, pets receive cold laser treatment to begin the healing process. See us about treatment for your pet's chronic arthritis or joint pain.

4. Our pet clinic in Midlothian is equipped with an in-house grooming facility for your convenience. Schedule pet exams and grooming visits on the same day to minimize trips to our facility. There are many advantages of choosing a pet groomer who just happens to be a vet, such as immediate treatment if our groomer should discover a skin condition, unusual lump, or other type of issue.

Doesn't your beloved pet deserve the very best care? At Animal Hospital of Ovilla, we think every pet should receive the highest level of care from an experienced vet. All puppies and kittens, adult domestic pets, and exotic pets should be seen by our staff to maintain optimum wellness.

Pet Clinic Midlothian
Animal Hospital of Ovilla
Pet Clinic Midlothian
3357 Ovilla Rd
Ovilla TX 75154 US

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Pet Clinic Midlothian

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