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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County Ca

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County Ca

Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Then, it would help if you underwent rehabilitation. You have the option to choose from either outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation services. If you choose the outpatient procedure, you will still need to determine which is better for you between the outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. There are many top outpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation centers in Orange County, California, one of which is Altigins Health.

Differences between Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs

The outpatient program is a part-time rehabilitation program for patients comfortable visiting the facility from home for scheduled sessions with various therapists. These sessions include scheduled weekly counseling to keep track of the patient's progress. Patients must be time-conscious to enable them to attend all scheduled therapy sessions, but there's no support system or tight structure available, unlike the intensive outpatient therapy procedure.

Standard outpatient rehabilitation does not consider establishing a complete support system that enables patients to integrate well into society and avoid any form of relapse, unlike intensive outpatient rehabilitation. Most Orange County addiction treatment hospitals do not effectively rehabilitate standard outpatients because they are less involved in wholesome rehabilitation activities. In contrast, one of the goals of intensive outpatient programs is to make patients abstain from drugs and alcohol for life through a gradual but effective procedure.

The patient may find it challenging to gain sobriety after finishing a standard outpatient program at any Orange County drug rehab center. This is not so with an intensive outpatient program as its patients attain a greater sense of responsibility for their actions. An intensive outpatient program is quite similar to inpatient rehab in Orange County, CA, except that patients are not mandated to live within the facility.

An intensive outpatient program requires much more time and attention than the standard outpatient program. It merges the advantages of inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy program. The intensive outpatient program is recommended for those who require a stronger support system and structure but do not mind visiting the facility from home. This is not the case with outpatient programs.

Intensive outpatient programs seem perfect for patients who can undergo addiction treatment in Orange County, CA, at least three times a week for a minimum of 90 days by adhering to consistency. The intensity and consistency are relatively lower in outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient programs are structured to encourage group therapy sessions which is not mandatory in outpatient programs.

Orange County addiction rehab services available in intensive outpatient programs are not just limited to counseling sessions for each patient tailored to their individual needs, psychiatric screening, and working effectively with support groups, but more. These may not be available for a standard outpatient.

The goals also differ in that the principal targets of intensive outpatient programs include abstinence, change in behavior, building and partnering with support systems, and even nipping psychosocial issues in the bud. Intensive outpatient programs encourage patients to participate much more in recovering from substance and alcohol dependence than standard outpatient programs.

Advantages of outpatient and intensive outpatient rehabilitation programs

They are both flexible to workers, breadwinners of the family, or anyone who has many responsibilities in their hands. Patients can undergo rehabilitation, and at the same time, discharge equally vital personal responsibilities. They are recommended for patients with a strong support system at home. Also, those who can function well during the rehabilitation period around their loved ones support their substance abuse recovery goals. 

Both programs are relatively cheaper when compared to an inpatient treatment program. They are both for prospective patients who have been assessed and found capable of functioning at home while visiting the facility for scheduled therapy sessions.

Do you seek the right outpatient alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA? Look no further beyond Altigins Health. We provide the best addiction treatment programs in a conducive environment that encompasses top-notch caregivers. Contact Altiginis Health for a free consultation for master-level treatment in an upscale, comfortable facility. Verify your insurance now: 949-899-6731.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County Ca
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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County Ca
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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County Ca

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