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If you have not gone to see your primary care physician in a while, it's time you did so. Making an annual doctor's appointment is essential and provides many benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Symptoms or no symptoms of illness, a checkup every year can help diagnose underlying conditions.

Your visit can also give you the opportunity to express concerns and ask the doctor questions. At Family Medical Clinic, we’re a leading Florida medical and injury center that delivers the ultimate preventative health care. Our top of the line in-depth testing ensures all aspects of your health are addressed. Health checkups can be life-saving.

Importance of An Annual Checkup

In the wake of a pandemic, now is the time to take charge of your health. Other health concerns have not disappeared because of coronavirus. Going for a checkup will ensure you take care of yourself. It is the first step in identifying health issues before they escalate to serious health problems. Here's a closer look at why it's essential to go for your annual checkup.

  • Weight

Your doctor will usually start the exam by weighing you. If you had your last checkup the previous years, the physician will compare the results, and if there's a significant change, you will discuss factors that might have caused it. The physician can advise you on how to maintain a healthy weight and the possible impacts of an unhealthy weight.

  • Ears, Nose, Mouth, and Eyes

Examination of your ears, eyes, nose, and mouth could reveal infections and vision or hearing problems. The screening will aid the doctor in detecting the early stages of potential diseases.

  • Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an indication of serious health conditions. The ideal blood pressure is about 120/80. Anything substantially outside of the normal range will be cause for concern, and your physician might prescribe medication.

  • Other Screenings

In your comprehensive annual exam, your physician will also listen to your lungs and heart as well as check your thyroid and abdomen for any issues. The doctor might even check your skin for rashes or lesions.

  • Protect Your Health

Screenings via lab tests, imaging, and bloodwork can catch diagnoses like osteoporosis, cancer, and other illnesses at their most treatable stage. If your routine screening is due, it's vital not to put it off. Additionally, immunizations and vaccines given after or during your checkup can considerably minimize your chances of becoming sick with different preventable conditions like pneumonia, whooping cough, measles, the flu, mumps, tetanus, and shingles.

Ultimately, annual checkups lay the groundwork for your long-term health. Your provider will discuss with you about your family and personal health history to establish what you can do to minimize your risks for health concerns.

Stay on Top of Your Health

Annual physicals are an excellent way of keeping tabs on your health, even if you're not sick. The perks of visiting our Florida medical and injury center is that you and your entire family can get preventative care all under one roof. This will ensure you have no underlying conditions and that you receive proper treatment should the need arise. To learn more about our services, contact FMC:

Florida Medical & Injury Center
Family Medical Clinic
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Florida Medical & Injury Center
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