Alcohol Treatment Program Overland Park

Alcohol Treatment Program Overland Park

Gold Bridge Treatment Center offers the best alcohol treatment program in Overland Park with a dedicated clinicians team and evidence-based therapies. Our step-by-step treatment process can help you beat addiction, learn essential coping skills, and leave our facility with improved mental wellness.

What types of alcohol addiction treatments do you offer?

We offer the best inpatient treatment and aftercare programs at affordable prices. Our sobriety and recovery center helps individuals suffering from a moderate to severe addiction disorder overcome their behavioral and mental health issues and attain improved wellness.

What therapies do you use to treat addiction?

Some of the therapies we use as a part of our professional addiction treatment include:

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Narrative therapy
  • Shame resilience and nonviolent communication
  • Medication-assisted treatments
  • Family counseling

We also use holistic therapies like exercise therapy, meditation therapy, and art therapy to address and treat addiction at our drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab.

Does family therapy help in recovery?

Our family therapy sessions focus on resolving issues between recovering addicts and their loved ones. These sessions also help patients set and maintain healthy boundaries, recognize patterns of co-dependence, educating the family members on how they can offer support without enabling.

More importantly, our family care programs help recovering addicts manage stress by practicing self-care and communicating more clearly and effectively. It also helps mend trust issues in relationships.

Do you offer ongoing care programs?

Our commitment to your wellness and recovery journey does not end with inpatient treatment. Therapists at our drug and alcohol treatment center will create a discharge plan to give you the best chances of leading a sober life in the long term. Our ongoing care programs are flexible and affordable and encompass intensive outpatient counseling, connection to local support groups, referral to private therapists, and other supportive resources.

Is there an admission criterion?

As one of the most proficient rehab centers in Kansas, we only accept applicants over 18 years of age. Also, you must be able to perform everyday activities autonomously. Lastly, you must demonstrate a willingness to participate in rehab treatment.

How do I prepare for the initial telephonic screening?

If you are ready to commit to sobriety and addiction treatment, you can contact us via phone for a telephonic screening. We keep the details of all our telephonic screening applications confidential. These screenings are free of cost. Make sure you have with you the following information ready when you call us:

  1. Medical records
  2. Mental and behavioral health history
  3. Details of your substance use, including frequency of use, your regular consumption quantity, history of use, previous addiction treatments (if any), family history of addiction, polydrug abuse, etc.
  4. Payment/Insurance information

Our staff will review your addiction profile and personal information and determine your eligibility for our treatment program.

Contact 913-837-4653 to sign up for treatment with Gold Bridge Treatment Center. Our alcohol treatment program in Overland Park can help you regain control over your career, reputation, relationships, health, and finances. The sooner you embark on treatment, the higher the chances of attaining a safe and speedy recovery. Get in touch with us today.

Alcohol Treatment Program Overland Park
Gold Bridge Treatment Center
Alcohol Treatment Program Overland Park
10702 W. 142nd Terrace
Overland Park KS 66221

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Alcohol Treatment Program Overland Park

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