Airbrush Body Painting San Diego

Airbrush Body Painting San Diego

Whether you are modeling for a specific event or going to do semi-nude cosplay, body paint is an awesome way to integrate your costume. Instead of doing the tedious work before a convention, hire an expert in airbrush body painting in San Diego.

What type of paint is used for body painting?

Since it is usually used in temporary instances, water-based paints are highly popular. It is also important that the paint in question isn't full of allergens or toxins. Since it is going on the skin, it also needs to be washed away. This is where water-based paint fits in naturally.

When using water-based paint, it can come off in the shower most of the time. There is sometimes slight staining that will go away eventually.

Metallic body paints are also used and are usually applied with alcohol-based mixing liquids. While it gives a nice shiny look, it isn't as easily removed and can contain allergens. It's really only needed if you want that extra shine to the skin.

Body paint fades rather quickly and will need to be removed or re-painted. Body paint is very similar to makeup or mascara but it hasn't been popularized like it has for the face. Consider our service in airbrush body painting in San Diego to make your body paint perfect for your event.

Is body paint dangerous?

People have the idea that having painted skin will somehow intoxicate or suffocate you and that it's lethal. The only real threat is if the paint used contains allergens that will give you a severe reaction. This is why water-based body paints with very basic ingredients are usually recommended.

The best example would be painting with a material made of pure latex. If someone was allergic to the material, they would most certainly have a reaction from having a full layer of paint. Of course, this would also apply if they use latex-based clothing.

There have been instances where actors fainted in the past due to full body paints. This was due to the toxic ingredients used in the makeup back then. It may be a good idea to use clothing items in some part of the costume so that the skin isn't fully covered.

Can I make my own body paint?

You can certainly make your own body paint, although it may not be the same quality you are used to. The sky is the limit with the ingredients you can, including things like food coloring and corn starch.

While making paint with homemade ingredients, you may heat it up on the stove as long as it is non-toxic. It is a fun activity for kids to get started with body or face painting without using commercial products like adults.

If you would like your body paint done right, you should have a professional do it for you. Our team only uses the best brands of paint with the right equipment. Get in touch with us via our contact form.

Airbrush Body Painting San Diego

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Airbrush Body Painting San Diego

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